Today we released a new version of part-up with some bug fixes and feature improvements:

  • You can now add proper LinkedIn company urls to the tribe homepage. Thanks to Janine Dumont for reporting that it was broken
  • Make activity-card chevron for dropdown clickable on Firefox. Thanks to Rutger Hangelbroek for reporting this bug
  • New message pop-up improvements (upgraded from 1000 to 2500 characters max and showing the max count, added file icons for Google Drive document types, enlarged text input area, fixed text overrun on link to markdown support). Thanks Erik Soonieus, Gijs van Bilsen, Noel Heesen for reporting these issues.
  • Fixed the bug on Internet Explorer browsers where the updates timeline would get stuck on a contribution update. Thanks to Brenda Batstra Weel for reporting it.
  • In the homepage footer and the More menu we now link to the improved helpdesk. Thanks to Jasmijn van Es for her work on this.
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