We have been working very hard for the last two weeks (and weekends) to search for and fix the issues that killed the performance in the last release (that we had to revert because of that). We are happy to announce that we released a new version of Part-up (version 3.0.1) that has all the new features AND performs great! Many thanks from my side to developers Noel Heesen Joost Plattel and Wouter Danes for all the extra effort they've put in.

Here's the list of new features, fixes and improvements:

  • Activities: redesign, improve interaction, performance improvement, attach files
  • Tags: clicking on a part-up's tags on the tribe page now searches for part-ups with the same tag in the tribe
  • Members in tribe settings: infinite scroll and search are working again (specifically in tribes with many members)
  • Notifications: fixed a bug that would freeze the page if you click a notification that links to the page that you are already on
  • Email invite: sender of invites now shows name of inviter + "via Part-up -- no reply --" to make it personal and prevent replies via email
  • Personal strength test results: visible again on user profiles
  • Tribe homepage: click on tribe ambassadors' profile picture now links to the user profile

Before the end of the year we plan to release two major new features:

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