Microsoft OneDrive integration

Since the release of this week we can now work with the Microsoft OneDrive integration. Next to the direct upload from your computer, Google Drive and Dropbox this is the fourth integration you can use. A popular demand from costumer like Pentascope, Gemeente Rotterdam and Philadelphia. 

Self-assign a new activity

Another new feature is the option to self-assign an activity directly when creating one (in stead of creating and saving one and then self-assign it).

A third improvement is the Documents&linksk tab. It now includes activities that have files attached. This gives you a quick overview of all documents that have been shared. 

Important fixes are:

  • Fix scrollbar on Internet Explorer
  • Fix Google Drive upload
  • Fix allow edit own messages

A full overview of fixes you can find here:

The next release that we will manage together is the Personal Homepage! Stay tuned by signing up for the newsletter or follow our Roadmap part-up

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